Project Description

Practicing Christian Leadership

Lesson 1: Effective Worship Leading
Lesson 2: Effective Christian Education
Lesson 3: Effective Church Discipline
Lesson 4: Effective Counseling

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In Module 11 in our Capstone Curriculum series, entitled Practicing Christian Leadership we demonstrate our devotion to our Savior by practicing a kind of leadership that both honors and glorifies our Lord and edifies and builds up his people. We explore these important concepts and practices throughout this important study.

The first lesson, Effective Worship Leading considers the idea of representation of the Lord Jesus as fundamental in practicing every dimension of Christian leadership as his agents and servants. Closely connected to this important idea, we will also consider carefully the role of ministering the Word and Sacrament among the people of God. Throughout this lesson we will see how we as Christian leaders may lead God’s people to experience his grace and direction through an effective ministry of the Word of God and a faithful practice of the sacraments of the Church.

In our second lesson, Effective Christian Education, we will explore the idea of bringing new believers into our churches, dealing specifically with how we welcome and integrate new believers into our community life together. We will also explore the concept of parenting new Christians and disciplining them in the Church. We will look carefully together at the meaning of spiritual parenthood, seeking to biblically define and practically outline how we can enable new and growing believers in the Lord to mature in Christ.

Next, lesson three deals with an important aspect of Christian leadership, Effective Church Discipline. The practice of Christian leadership involves our thorough knowledge of the principles of biblical exhortation, and here we will explore reasons why this ministry is so necessary for Christian leaders among God’s people. In this lesson we will also address the question of the practice of church discipline. We will look at both the biblical definitions and practical guidelines of godly rebuke and restoration in the context of God’s community.

Finally, in lesson four we will focus on Effective Counseling: Preparing, Caring, and Healing. Here we will define effective biblical counseling, starting with a general explanation of it and its implications for us as urban Christian leaders. Our goal will be to understand both the therapeutic and pastoral implications of counseling and leading God’s people. Together we will discover how we can become better care givers for those encountering the dark side of life, trials, tribulations, and distress. As God’s servants and under-shepherds of his people, we will discover how we may come to bear the burdens of those who are experiencing trouble or stress, and do all we can in order to edify the flock of God, even as he gives us opportunity. What an adventure it is to serve the living God by caring for his dear people! My prayer for you is that you become that Christian leader God desires you to be, all for his glory!

Required Reading Texts:

  • World Wide Publications, The Billy Graham Christian Worker’s Handbook
  • Carter, The Gifted Pastor
  • Cothen and Barlow, Equipped for Good Work: A Guide for Pastors