Training With An Urban Focus

Our formal curriculum is tailored toward Urban Ministry and the needs which are inherently part of the communities in which our students serve. Each class is prepared with a framework that addresses the needs of ministry within the urban context. Our belief at TUMI is that rapid church growth among the urban poor can and must take place through the multiplication of laborers from within the Church who will be sent out into the Harvest.

Expanding the Church of Jesus Christ is the answer and the call for our urban communities, and we believe that God is raising up laborers in our midst who will come from these very communities to do this great work. We at The Urban Ministry Institute offer the tools necessary for these men and women to become the missionaries and church-planters God has called them to be. Therefore, all of the courses given by The Urban Ministry Institute will include content that is important to people who minister in the cities.

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Four Course Areas

Our courses cover four departments of ministry education: Biblical Studies, Theology and Ethics, Christian Ministry and Urban Mission. It is our belief that urban ministers need a working knowledge in each of these four disciplines. As such, the design of our certificate and diploma programs promote the student’s balanced exposure to each of these departments.

Biblical Studies

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Biblical Studies courses are designed to develop student’s knowledge of Scripture and to mature skills used for study, interpretation and in communicating the Word of God. The courses focus on development in:

Bible Interpretation,
Preaching & Teaching
Book Studies
Thematic Studies

Theology and Ethics

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Theology and Ethics courses are designed to develop the student’s understanding of Historic Orthodoxy, to integrate and apply the themes of Scripture and to apply those Biblical principles to their world. The courses focus on development in:

Urban Theology
Pastoral Theology and Functions
Leadership and Administration

Christian Ministry

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Christian Ministry courses are designed to develop a student into an effective leader and disciple-maker for the urban church and provide necessary “how-to” skills for pastors, teachers and church-workers. The courses focus on development in:

Essential Doctrines
Historical and Systematic Theology
Christian Ethics
Church History

Urban Mission

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Urban Mission courses are designed to develop the student’s understanding of the Missiological Principles for church planting, development and work within urban centers. The courses focus on development in:

Evangelism and Discipleship
Urban Church Planting
Urban Community

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knock, and the door will be opened for you.